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Liability waiver

Technical content Technical information in this website about exercises is not meant to substitute a qualified teacher, and is published here only for theoretical reference. Before starting any exercise program, see your doctor and have him assess your physical condition. Choose your teacher carefully. Liability The administrator of this website and the authors of its… Continue reading

Privacy statement

We have a strict policy of respect for our readers privacy. Comments If you leave a comment in our site, you will be required to inform your name and email. Your email will never be published. After your comment is aproved it will become public, and may be read by anyone who visits the site…. Continue reading


Website All rights on the website and all of its content are reserved to Eduardo L. Molon. No part of this website may be stored in electronic, recorded or printed means, nor can it be reproduced in any media be it printed, recorded, broadcasted or electronic, without previous written consent by the rights holder…. Continue reading