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After we visited the Shaolin Monastery, we took the train to Huashan. The high-speed train took just over two hours to get to the little town at the mountains’ foot. The town exists almost only because of the Yu Quan temple, and of the famous mountain range where the Daoist sages took refuge to live… Continue reading

Longmen and Shaolin

On the day following Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang‘s seminar, we left Chenjiagou and headed to Luoyang, to visit the Longmen Grottoes, south of China’s ancient capital. The grottoes were excavated in the limestone of the Longmen and Xiang mountains, on the bank of the Yi river. Inside the grottoes, directly carved on the mountain, are the… Continue reading

Chenjiagou 2011

After visiting Beijing, we took a train to Luoyang, and then a bus to Chenjiagou. The village name literally means “Chen family ditch”, and refers to a small water channel that made the land fertile in the time when Chen Bu settled at the region, to repopulate it after a civil war. The ditch is… Continue reading


Back to China, after 8 years. This time, as a co-organizer of a group trip that took 39 brazilians to the craddle of martial arts. The trip was promoted by WCTA-Br in partnership with IFTB, with a special focus on the training in Chenjiagou under the auspices of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, and in Huashan under… Continue reading

Meditation and your Brain

Regular meditation practice leads to an increase in the gray matter in the brain. The changes take place in areas of the brain linked to memory and learning proccesses, emotional regulation, self-reference and perspective taking.

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